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Chastity Mistress Alessandra is Your KeyHolder who offers online male chastity keyholding service to submissive males, sissys and slaves

I have successful proven records in holding chastity keys for over 500 chastity slaves online over the past 13 years.


My Skype :

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Guess Who Will Win 2022 Chastity World Cup?

I recently locked two young slaves in chastity cage. One happens to be 24-year old German, another one happens to be 22-year old Japanese. Comment your guess!

Green Ball Trapped Chastity Belt For Men/ Sissy/Gays

This 3D printed nylon chastity belt is a custom-fitted and lightweight, yet inescapable chastity device–no piercing required. This chastity belt supports external locks on the back. black color belt (fast shipping included to major countries) waist below 80cm 3800CNY in total (fast shipping fee included) waist 80cm ~100cm 3900CNY in total (fast shipping fee included)Continue reading “Green Ball Trapped Chastity Belt For Men/ Sissy/Gays”

Here Are The Important Things You Should Consider When Purchasing A Male Chastity Belt

1 Select a chastity belt made of the material to which you are not allergic I have had slaves who got severe allergy by the cage material. They had to cease the training because of the allergy. 2 Select a chastity belt with good ventilation which is easy for you to clean It is vitalContinue reading “Here Are The Important Things You Should Consider When Purchasing A Male Chastity Belt”